Processing Game


The premise is simple:

You must avoid the relentlessly marching bars and you must not touch the floor or the ceiling. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score. Of course, the longer you last, the faster the bars will move up and down ... you didn't expect it to be that easy did you?

You can also build points by trying for bonuses:

  • Go through a yellow bonus field for an extra 50 points.
  • Go through a red bonus field for an extra 500 points.
  • Fly close to the floor or ceiling for as long as you can to gain extra points. Now with sparks :)

Press the mouse button, space bar or up arrow to thrust. Release to let gravity drop you.

Pressing 'P' pauses the game - press it again or click the mouse to continue.

The source code is available to download, but it was written many moons ago against the alpha release of Processing so it's unlikely that it'll run without some serious refactoring.