• BlipLR 1.4 available now

    A BlipLR post from 15.01.2012.

    A lazy Sunday meant I had some time to update BlipLR to support the new version of the Blipfoto API. While I was at it I figured I'd see if I could do something about the issue which I get the most hate-mail about: hitting enter in the details box causing the entry to be uploaded. It's not an issue ...

  • BlipLR 1.2 released

    A BlipLR post from 13.06.2010.

    It looks like version 1.1 of my Lightroom plugin - BlipLR doesn't work in the full version of the newly released Lightroom 3. A bit of tinkering this morning has seen the bugs bashed and a new version of BlipLR is now available to download.

  • BlipLR

    A BlipLR post from 10.12.2009.

    After what feels like an age, I've finally got round to getting my "export to Blipfoto" plugin to a state where it's ready to be released for public consumption ... check it out!

  • Upgraded!

    A General post from 07.09.2009.

    That should stop my host sending me constant reminders that my WP installation is out of date. Hopefully, it'll keep me safe from the latest WP worm too.

  • Processing Game

    A Processing post from 07.09.2009.

    This thing is bloody ancient. It's an sfcave clone I put together in Processing many moons ago. Instructions The premise is simple: You must avoid the relentlessly marching bars and you must not touch the floor or the ceiling. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score. Of course, the longer you last, the faster the bars will move ...